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Jan 15, 2008

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Alex Rosenbaum said...

Very nice experience and it is beautiful that there are people how care and help so much.

It is a shame we read about it 5 months after you experienced it all.
But still nice.

Can you add a picture of 'Crista & Yariv' and 'Karin & Asaf Arieli'.
All the rest of the people got there faces online.

Kisses and Love,

Gal & Rami Elhalel-Rosenbaum said...

when was the last time you wrote us about youre life in the last few months? Pictures? Anything?
Are you cycling all day long? Waking up before sunrise, quickly pack the camping gear and set off, before the hot hours, to build camp again at dark and cook on a very small stove, go to the river to shower and wash the dishes?
Excuse us, we're updating our blog...