Our route

Aug 25, 2008

In Cucuta, Norte de Santander, Colombia. Updating the blog, with the help of Enrique and his wife. Gracies!


Ido said...

Hi Rami, Gal.

I've been reading your blog for the second day straight now (I had alot to catch up!) and I find it exciting, breath taking and I enjoy it very much.

I see you reached Colombia, I cant wait to read about your adventures in my favorite south-american county.

Bien Viaje,
Ido Weinstein.

Anonymous said...

Gal and Rami, you've really been kicking ass! good to be reading this, it's a real pleasure to know you've been on the road this whole time, plugging away at trip, making it happen, after so much time on the road. I'm glad you're enjoying the trip thus far.

you can see a few photos from my latest bike ride, a solo trip from oregon to colorado, that i just finished up this week.

take care, good luck (bueno suerte) and have fun on the rest of your trip!

-Geoff the bike rider from (Alta) California

geoffrey said...

oh right, duh, here is the URL for those photos: